Translating Colour and Sound Lab

Translating Colour and Sound Lab Flyer

On the 23rd November 2023 we are running a ‘Translating Colour and Sound Lab’ for young people in collaboration with LITTLE ARTISTS LEAGUE. It is inspired by our recent work ‘Stutter‘ which will be part of YPAM this year. Participants will be able to paint with light and sound, with the results being shown at an exhibition later. The venue is MPP Totsuka in Yokohama. The lab will be run in English with Japanese translation available. Parents/carers are also welcome.

During the lab participating young people can paint a day in their life as projected light, covering the walls of the space. Each participant will layer their own experiences into the space, sometimes literally, and at other times as a graph of their activity level over time. As they paint with light, the choices of colour and the way each participants’ imagery interacts will fill the space with a unique live sound composition. The participants will create their own choreography based on the lights and sound while moving within the space.

The Translating Colour and Sound Lab at MURASAKI PENGUIN PROJECT TOTSUKA will be filmed and screened later in an exhibition at ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace.

To participate in the lab please follow this link to book via Peatix.